Count Girls In: Empowering Girls to Combine Any Interests with STEM to Open Up a World of Opportunity

Category: Schools & Teaching
Author: Katianne Williams
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by bretthowell   2018-12-26
Dr Panetta, Williams: Count Girls In [1]

The field guide for anyone who refuses to accept girls and women are less likely to succeed as engineers, scientists, or in any technology profession. This accessible yet science-grounded book was effortless to read and is packed with chapter after chapter of practical age specific advice. I’m a father of two young girls (and a boy) and I will no doubt keep it at my side for many years to come.

My key take away: It seems too often we assume the way things are is they way they will always be, so we fix the symptoms and stop looking for better answers. “Education is education and the same for both genders, so the dispartity between genders in the tech field must be girls aren’t as good at it or boys keep them out of the club.” Well the authors present a wealth of scientific evidence to strongly suggest our approach to STEM education (starting in the home) is geared more towards the way boys brains are biologically wired to learn, and simple intuitive adjustments to the way the same concepts are taught to girls net amazing results. After trying a few of the tips on my 2 and 6 year olds there’s no doubt.. anyone who wants a girl or a women in their life to succeed should read this book. It’ll change lives.

+1 for Why We Sleep, alarming, insightful and ultimately likely to add years the lives of those who read it.