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Author: Gwen Moore
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by PaulHoule   2022-06-10
But neither the market nor elections gets the right answer either in terms of "correct" or "legitimate".

this book covers the head space you are in ("homo sap has gotten in over his head") and you should read it now:


by PaulHoule   2021-11-17
Personally I think KPIs (particularly when you are asking the question "how do I adopt KPIs") are toxic.

In a non-startup company there is generally one bottleneck that holds the organization back and has to be controlled


In a startup company or if you are trying to develop a "revolutionary" product there are usual several bottlenecks that need to be attacked. For instance going to the moon you have to solve problems from a list such as

  * propulsion
  * navigation
  * life support
if you are looking at a 10% improvement you need to find the one bottleneck (e.g. "The Goal") if you need to get a 10x improvement you will hit several bottlenecks on the way there and the writings of W.L. Livingston apply


When you use goals to "destroy the competition" or "change the world", goals are a powerful technique. If you are setting goals because somebody told you to set goals or somebody else sets goals you are going to drive yourself to distraction.

by Terretta   2021-02-07
I also appreciated this:


And much more obscure but a wry delight:



by PaulHoule   2018-03-11
see https://www.amazon.com/Have-Fun-at-Work-Livingston/dp/093706... and https://www.amazon.com/Friends-High-Places-W-Livingston/dp/0... for practical applications of Ashby thinking.