Digital computer electronics

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Author: Albert Paul Malvino
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by zurkog   2017-08-19
This was so cool as a book. Ben Eater did a fantastic job of making these videos, explaining each concept, but the computer he builds (the SAP, or Simple As Possible) is directly from "Digital Computer Electronics" (c) 1977 by Albert Paul Malvino.

He even goes so far as to mention it and shows a copy of the book in his first video:

I stumbled across the book 4 years ago when I followed this instructable:

The instructable is nowhere near as detailed as Ben's videos, but it was all I had at the time, and it recommended that book. Note: when I purchased the book 4 years ago, it was only $5, now I'm seeing it for upwards of $99:

The paperback is only $22, but it lists an additional author not present on the 1977 version, so I don't know if it's the exact same book.