Serious Cryptography: A Practical Introduction to Modern Encryption

Author: Jean-Philippe Aumasson


by tabletopneedle   2019-07-11
Yes. However, it never hurts to test your code.

Assuming you're a C-programmer, read the libsodium docs first.

If you're using higher level language, use a library that provides bindings for it

By using libsodium, you're not rolling your own crypto. Rolling your own crypto would mean

-trying to find new one way functions for public key crypto -trying to implement RSA from textbook -trying to implement RSA-OAEP from papers, RFCs, books etc.

Using a library is not anywhere near those. There are other ways to fail cryptography too, from not doing public key authentication, to storing private keys in insecure places.

So it's highly recommended you take time to read a book on the topic. The best modern book currently availalbe is

by skipthemeat   2018-09-05
For those looking to get working knowledge of modern cryptography, I recommend

I've been working my way through it and it's the most lucid intro text I've read on the subject.