Growing a Business

Author: Paul Hawken
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by jkkramer   2017-08-19
I would be more inclined to do this if the book is non-technical. When you commit to reading a technical book, you're committing yourself to more than just the time spent reading: you're committing yourself to the time spent applying and fully understanding what you read -- installing tools, tinkering with syntax, coding, and so on. I've got enough of that now.

With non-technical books (literature, history, quality-of-life), most of the time will be invested into actual reading, with a bit of pondering and maybe discussing. We can have a conversation right away, and there's still knowledge and insight to be gained.

Here are some non-technical books I'd like to read:

* How to Read a Book -

* Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion -

* Liar's Poker -

* Growing a Business -

by JustAGeek   2017-08-19
"Growing a Business" by Paul Hawken - hands down one of the best books on starting a business I have read. Don't let yourself be scared away by the release date 1988, the advice in there is timeless. Lots of the author's advice can still be found in other books on that topic.

You might also think the title sounds "treehuggerish", I found the book not to be like that at all but very inspiring and useful.

by retroafroman   2017-08-19
Growing a Business [1] is the book you're talking about it. I picked it up on a whim from a book sale a couple years ago and it was an interesting read. Like this one, some things are fairly outdated (talks a fair bit about catalog sales), but overall pretty sound advice for building a sustainable business.