How to Avoid Huge Ships

Author: John W. Trimmer
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by Brostradamus_   2017-08-19

Whats harder is avoiding giant ships. Luckily there are great books on the subject:

by wenoc   2017-08-19

This dude clearly hasn't read the good book.

by AlexStar6   2017-08-19

You may find this Book useful then.

by Systemofatown   2017-08-19

I assume you've read John Trimmer's masterpiece ?

by DidierDirt   2017-08-19

Now I will buy this

by randudeAZO   2017-08-19

You can avoid huge ships:

by meltingdiamond   2017-08-19

With the height of modern oil derricks, you could very possibly see one from 30 miles away, fyi. How to Avoid Huge Ships was written because people have issues judging distance and speed at sea.

by [deleted]   2017-08-19

per chi non l'avesse mai letto, anhe questo non era male:

by burtonplissken   2017-08-19

This book by John Trimmer usually gets pretty cheeky reviews on Amazon, but it would have been handy here