How to Avoid Huge Ships

Author: John W. Trimmer
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by cybersquire   2019-01-13

Both Captains should read this book

by dregan   2019-01-13

the entire ocean and a comprehensive instruction guide .

by yannickmahe   2019-01-13

Idée cadeau pour ces gens: [

by spiralx   2018-12-15
You say that, but then again there's this book with all its amusing reviews:

by Dalriaden   2018-11-10

The only book that's currently required reading for the US navy:

by mr_hemi   2018-11-10

Should have prepared with proper reading


by Intricate_O   2018-11-10

He didn't read the book: [

by linguistbeats   2018-03-19

Cos they didn't read the training material

by Fop_God_Dammit   2018-03-19

by Brostradamus_   2017-08-19

Whats harder is avoiding giant ships. Luckily there are great books on the subject: