Principles: Life and Work

Author: Ray Dalio
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by austincheney   2020-07-28
I learned so much about structure and organization from

I learned the value of utility from Nicomachean Ethics in that it establishes a value hierarchy starting from the fragment: that which exists for its own sake.

I liked this book for establishing ethics as the basis for rapid growth in business:

A lot of people struggle with CSS. It’s not hard but it take some solid practice to master. This is the best book:

Honesty is important. Brutal honesty forces changes to culture and everybody wins. It forces you to act with ethics for the welfare of the group:

Fear of innovation is a form of hecklers veto, more so when popularity or a majority is threatened. Originality, even when wrong, is always more important: On Liberty.

by austincheney   2019-12-08
My favorites are Good to Great and Principles



by henryw   2019-04-08
The first quote by Ray Dalio is from his most excellent book

I've listen to the section for personal principles on audible 5 times now, and I will probably keep repeating it at least a couple times a year.