Principles: Life and Work

Author: Ray Dalio
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by WestCoastJustin   2022-06-16
If you google "ray dalio 1980" you'll see he's talked about that being his biggest mistake and massive learning opportunity [1, 2, 3]. He even dedicated a chapter to it in his book (chapter 3) [4]. It's sort of hard to fault someone for being wrong 40 years ago and think they have nothing new to contribute.

Suspect we'd all be completely screwed if we were wrong, never learned from it, and just continued on. No idea if he's right or wrong but guess time will tell. What you're implying here though, that because someone was wrong at a point in time, learned from it, evolved and changed their way of thinking, then think that all their future stuff is tainted somehow, seems pretty strange.


by austincheney   2020-07-28
I learned so much about structure and organization from

I learned the value of utility from Nicomachean Ethics in that it establishes a value hierarchy starting from the fragment: that which exists for its own sake.

I liked this book for establishing ethics as the basis for rapid growth in business:

A lot of people struggle with CSS. It’s not hard but it take some solid practice to master. This is the best book:

Honesty is important. Brutal honesty forces changes to culture and everybody wins. It forces you to act with ethics for the welfare of the group:

Fear of innovation is a form of hecklers veto, more so when popularity or a majority is threatened. Originality, even when wrong, is always more important: On Liberty.

by austincheney   2019-12-08
My favorites are Good to Great and Principles



by henryw   2019-04-08
The first quote by Ray Dalio is from his most excellent book

I've listen to the section for personal principles on audible 5 times now, and I will probably keep repeating it at least a couple times a year.