Japanese Sentence Patterns for Effective Communication: A Self-Study Course and Reference

Category: Humanities
Author: Taeko Kamiya
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by davidbrit2   2019-07-21


  • Books! The tactile and spatial aspects of them, as well as the thematic and contextual groupings, illustrations, etc. make them much more effective for me than reading lessons on a computer screen (and with a lot fewer distractions).
  • Japanese Graded Readers - As far as I'm concerned, these are essential. Not only are they simply interesting and amusing collections of stories and cultural prose, but they provide crucial validation of your learning, and motivation to go further.
  • WaniKani - I just hit level 4 and will likely buy a subscription. The review system is really polished, and I have to admit that the mnemonics, while often totally off the wall, do seem to help.
  • N5単語1000 and its N4-N1 kin - Fantastic little vocabulary study books, with an example sentence for every headword, and all of the headwords printed in light red ink so you can use the included traditional Japanese "red sheet" to quiz yourself.

Least Favorite

  • Anki - I just don't have the patience to carefully curate my own deck, or fiddle with the huge number of options. It's a cool program, but not a good fit for me, as I would almost assuredly be preoccupied with simply managing the program itself rather than studying. If I want a custom SRS deck, I'll usually whip something up with StickyStudy on my iPhone/iPad.
  • Anything with filthy pig disgusting Romaji (I'll make the occasional exception for a really good resource, like Japanese Sentence Patterns For Effective Communication, but only if it's got full kanji text as well.)
by davidbrit2   2019-07-21

Don't go wild buying textbooks/study guides, but getting a little extra reading material or some reference books isn't a terrible idea. You know, something to break up the monotony, or go to when you need a specific answer quickly (and either don't want to wade through the textbook lessons trying to find it, or it's a more advanced/obscure topic that isn't covered).

A bunch of reading material

Japanese Sentence Patterns For Effective Communication

Stuff like that is good to have on hand.