Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Author: Thomas Piketty, Arthur Goldhammer
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by TierceI   2018-11-10

oh money's not the problem, it's just a (sub-optimum, at this point severely warped and broken) credit assignment system. the problem is when our economic system considers profit generation on behalf of owners the primum bonum.

e: if you're interested in learning a little bit about money in ways that challenge your preconceptions, i'd really recommend this neat little book, which uses the life and work of a really interesting artist

by xyzone   2018-11-10

Yo no estoy a cargo del país. Si quieres que yo escriba un libro acerca del tema y que te lo enlace, se pone difícil. Te recomiendo que leas La Capital en el Siglo 21 , si buscas una tesis mejor para formar un plan.

by BigStroopwafel   2018-11-10

Just take out a million dollar loan! It's easy!

At some point you'll have to accept that simply owning stuff makes you wealthier. Go listen to this , you'll find it interesting.