Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

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by cromwellian   2021-02-11
>"Focusing only on the negatives of a foreign country is not unless the goal is to agitate the populace for conflict and war."

Western news media news is designed for western audience consumption. Pointing out the suffering of people in other countries is something that people with empathy want to know about. For example, when Western media points out the suffering of Palestinians, we hear that this is because of anti-Israel bias. The reality is, most people aren't opposed to Israel, they're concerned with the suffering imposed by the occupation, and the ancillary effects on their own national interest due to regional instability. The goal of the media isn't conflict and war, it's awareness and political change. If there's a genocide happening, I want to know about it. If the US backed Saudi proxy war in Yemen is destroying huge number of lives because of American made weapons or policy, I want to know about it, and if a large US trading partner is locking people in Xinjiang and even manufacturing with slave labor, I'd rather buy my products somewhere else.

>"Take your imagined trilateral water war as an example, have you looked into how minor the supply is to India?".

Of course, have you? There are 130 million people who live in the Brahmaputra basin. And 1 billion downstream of the Hindu Kush. You don't think India is concerned about the dams going up in Kashmir and the Tibetan Plateau? "damming for electricity has little effect on total volume of flow" you're talking past damns, the concern is over future mega dams.

>"Otoh, when US dammed the Colorado the water was diverted for agriculture and urban consumption. The river basically dried up before reaching Mexico."

Yeah, and that was bad for both the environment, and for Mexico, which is exactly why people are concerned about China's activity, not just for geo-political reasons and the 1+ billion people dependent on the Tibetan plateau water supply, but the environmental damage that could result as well. Your own example shows exactly why those dependent on Tibetan and Hindu Kush supplies should be concerned about dam building, in which they have little say over.

By all means, use past US transgressions as a road map for why we should be concerned. Take Belt and Road Initiative. Sucker someone into taking a large loan, make them use the loaned money to buy from your own country's companies, and then when the debtor can't pay, seize concessions. The US played this out extremely well all over the world (see _Confessions of an Economic Hitman_, and it's being repeated:

It's because of how awful the US's policy was in doing the same thing in South America and Africa that I'm concerned now about what I see happening now, essentially neo-colonialism.

However, the real issue I sense, is that a lot of 五毛 and 玻璃心 don't want to hear any criticism, even if it's legitimate, because of elevated nationalism dialed up by Xi over the years. And it is this rising nationalism, in the US with Trump, in Europe (e.g. in Hungary), and in China that we should be worried about. We've managed to temporarily put down Trumpism here, but Xi made himself President for life, and authoritarianism combined with rising nationalism and economic power is not a good recipe, if the 20th century taught us anything.

by DrogoB   2019-07-21

In a similar modus operandi, there's this.

by [deleted]   2019-07-21

I highly recommend the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

by TurnsOutImAScientist   2019-07-21

Worthwhile reading on this topic

by el0_0le   2019-07-21

Wrong. It's happening right now in Venezuela.

by IWasMeButNowHesGone   2019-07-21

There's so many articles and books out there written on these subjects. The earliest one I can think of is War is a Racket by Major General Smedley Butler. There's many articles on The Intercept about America's Imperialism, such as this fairly recent one as a sample. Confessions of an Economic Hitman is another good read. William Blum wrote several books on the subject. The list is endless; american history is far less noble then we were taught in schools. Power protects power, always has.

by [deleted]   2018-11-10

> I think you're exaggerating the nationalism of the current administration.

Oh, on the contrary. I am well aware that 45 is as nationalistic as his wallet. Otoh, he is definitely corrupt. That's what I'm most concerned about.

> Well, step by step. You realize there is huuuge lobbyism by these businesses and liberal organizations against their prosecution for hiring illegals? It's much harder to do than sorting out the border problem.

AHHHH And therein lies the ENTIRE problem.

They went for the easy, low hanging fruit, don't bite the hand that feeds you target.

Well how is that for hypocrisy?!

They knowingly are allowing one type of illegal immigration because of bribery and difficulty, but going for another type that blew up in their faces forcing them to backpedal.

I just pointed out a "two birds with one stone" (possibly three because it would reveal corruption as well) alternative to attacking illegal immigration and you literally admitted that this would not be possible because of the economic problems - because it would disrupt our economy.

So where is the justice? Where is the rule of law? Where is our anger? Where is justice? I don't know. I can't find any of them anywhere. And this is why I bristle when I hear others yelling and screaming and frothing at the mouth about JUSTICE and THE RULE OF LAW!

It's a sham.

> Don't know much about Central American history, but I know Eastern Europe pretty well,

Let's stay on the subject. We were discussing the Western Hemisphere.

If you want to discuss Eastern Europe and the buttfuckery we've been involved with there, we can do that another time. Let's just say that it's not as easy for the US to interfere there because of distance, Europe, and Russia. And the lack of oil or money in Eastern Europe.

> The US military intervention sucks (Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.), I know.

You'll find that if you research US intervention in Central and South America, you will find adjectives worse than "sucks" in your lexicon.

If you have the time, start with this book.

> You know, when the poem was written, the US refused citizenship to non-whites. So it's not like letting everyone inside the country is some sort of true American constitutional thing that the current government doesn't follow.

Definitely not a constitutional thing. I never said that it was.

I am the first to acknowledge the racism and prejudice of this country, the US.

From the genocide of the Native Americans, to the enslavement of Africans, to the subsequent racism and prejudice against Blacks, to the treatment of Chinese, and the subsequent hatred towards the waves of immigration - Irish, Italian, German, Polish, Jews, Eastern Europeans - to it's belief in phrenology to prove White superiority to its eugenics programs.

The US is far from innocent.

However, we have our Constitution - at least for now.

That one document and its intent is what makes this nation great.

Not the soil, not the government, not our military. That document and its intent is what brought hope to people and nations around the world.

And right now? That document is being shat upon by our two party system. It is being laughed at, ignored, and trampled upon.

Without that document, this nation is nothing. Worse than nothing, it could be the nidus for the next world war.

We are truly living in interesting times.

by shadowsweep   2018-11-10

Here is a map of the trader's location from

Notice, they are not in the SCS? They're in a lake. That has nothing to do with China's claims. Trading =/= claiming islands.


The modern dates of the Philippines laying claim are moot because China was going through decades of turmoil [eg Korean War, cultural revolution] and unable to worry about the claims at the time. They never relinquished those islands from their control.


>China didn't attempt to lay claim to the region until September of 1956

This is incorrect. China laid claims which predate the Philippine claims by hundreds of years. This was explained in the Forbes link.


This came from your own link.

>Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that if it were proven that the Chinese were getting fish, routinely as claimed by the fishermen, the government would file a protest. But the report, which aired on GMA News on Thursday, did not show the Filipinos being bullied, he said.

>“If established, it’s a ground for protest. I have asked GMA 7 to authenticate it, but the video that I saw was inconclusive. I didn’t actually see any bullying,” Roque said.


Benham Rise sounds more complicated than you make it sound..

>'China was right': Roque says PH has no sovereignty over Benham Rise

>MANILA - The Philippines has sovereign rights, but not sovereignty over Benham Rise. This was clarified by Presidential spokesman Harry Roque after a May 2017 statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry that the Philippine government cannot claim Benham Rise as its own territory

'China was right': Roque says PH has no sovereignty over Benham Rise | ABS-CBN News


>the difference is that China is in on it this time. They just can't wait to get us into their debt trap.

Please do not throw around baseless accusations without proof. I've heard this from western propagandists a lot, yet no one has furnished actual proof of so-called debt traps [which, unsurprisingly, the west is famous for,


One last point. Don't bring up the PCA. It is not a court, but an organization for arbitration [voluntary].

>The UN said the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, which issued the decision on the case on Tuesday, operated out of the same building, the Peace Palace, as the UN’s primary justice branch, the International Court of Justice, but the two agencies were unrelated.

United Nations stresses separation from Hague tribunal | South China Morning Post

by shadowsweep   2018-11-10

>> the Chinese government is helping its companies compete in ways that the US doesn’t do and doesn’t like, and it is making plans to do that (e.g., the China 2025 plan) while the US doesn’t make such plans and objects to China making them.

That is nonsense. America has very high traffis today and even higher ones in the past [ and It blocks Chinese products using lies about national security and hoaxes about Chinese "spying" [while actually running the world's largest illegal spying operation]. It heavily subsidizes American agribusiness etc [see its arms industry, and heavily funded its space and military industries, whose discoveries benefited its private corporations. It even uses its military to overthrow governments so its corporations can dominate and plunder nations [ Yet, they're "against market manipulation"? Don't make me laugh.


All this crap about is just a distraction from the main issue. Whites want to stay on top and will lie, cheat, and steal to do it. Just look at Harvard university. For years, they swore up and down it's because Asians just weren't good enough. The reasons kept morphing.

Asians are stupid --> intelligent but uncreative robots --> creative now but lack "soft skills"

Each and everyone one of them turned out to be a lie. Can we please finally stop being duped by these pathological liars. How many times do they have to do this before we learn?

by justaguyhere   2018-11-10
You might like this one, not sure how much of it is true and how much is made up

by cidic   2017-08-19

I'm mostly for globalization. Honestly I don't think it can be stopped or slowed without doing significant domestic damage.

Recommended Relevant Reading

by silentscope87   2017-08-19

This was an animated interview of IMF John Perkins, author of 'HoodWinked' and 'Confessions Of An Economic Hitman .

by curiously_crazy   2017-08-19

I'm on the same page as most of what you post, having spent a great deal of time over the past 20 years learning about how the sheeple have had the wool pulled over their eyes (no pun intended).

My father was a bank CEO so I started learning about the total farce of our monetary system even prior to that - it runs so deep, and the indoctrination is at such a high level that I actually received a fail mark on my exam for 'international money markets'; I didn't rabbit off what they wanted to hear and counterpoints are to be stifled at every level, but I digress - the system of control encompasses so much more than just economics.

The reason for my reply is the vid you linked is probably not going to be understood by anyone just getting started without any context or background knowledge, yet is mind blowing for those who already have a grip. I'll add in a few references on the monetary system and politics because most people seem to think they understand those two facets. Once they figure out it's all a charade it's like a light bulb moment and they start looking into other areas they may have been deceived.

The Fed:


Both are an easy yet compelling read.

by Tb1969   2017-08-19

It works.

"Confession of an Economic Hitman"( "

by Cialis_In_Wonderland   2017-08-19

There are similarities between this and countless other international bailout and assistance programs, from the Irish Potato Famine to the Australian treatment of Aboriginal communities from 1994 to 2012. Charles Smith had a good article on it this week.

>Especially fascinating to learn that the English Government provided ‘relief’ loans to Ireland at market interest with a condition that they could not be used to do anything productive. Basically they set up a scheme to pay a small proportion of each community to build roads, but not a cent could be spent on developing alternate Irish-owned industries or businesses for fear it would upset the rich English industrialists.

>The English imported cheap American corn meal which everyone was forced to buy with the English Gov. financed wages (closing the loop of giving with one hand, taking with the other and adding in a profit to boot) after the Irish had to export all their own grain and livestock to England to pay the land rents.

Similar tactics are documented extensively in Confessions of an Economic Hitman . For example, instead of financing a war they might finance "infrastructure improvements." The IMF gives several billion to a dictator, the dictator steals a large portion, and the rest is (over)spent on Western equipment (turbines, cranes, wire, etc). The country remains on the hook, left with an asset worth a fraction of debt's value.

After the new regime took power, they squandered (some legitimate spending, the rest stolen or wasted) their foreign currency and gold reserves. Now, they are being financed by European and American banks with the "condition" that that money gets spent on weapons from these same European and American countries, "closing the loop of giving with one hand, taking with the other and adding in a profit to boot." It's a tried and true tactic. The end result is an impoverished vassal state, borrowing to survive.

by thecapitalg   2017-08-19

Confessions of an Economic Hitman