Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs

Author: Marika Sboros
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by tacon   2018-12-03
Type 2 diabetes is currently on track to bankrupt the world's healthcare system. Easily 60% of the US residents reading this comment are already insulin resistant, they just don't know it yet. Many of those will progress to full blown T2DM in ten to fifteen years. It used to take a very expensive sequence of blood tests involving injecting glucose and tracking the concentrations of glucose and insulin over a few hours. Lately the tech has improved and there is a single blood test that can give an "insulin-resistance score", LP-IR[0][1]. While Peter Attia showed this test in a blog post from 2012[2], it seems to be getting more attention lately[3]. Just because your blood glucose after fasting is "normal" does not mean you will not get T2DM. Just ask Tim Noakes, world class exercise scientist and medical doctor, who finished more than 70 marathons and still woke up one day with diabetes, just like his father.[4][5]

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