The Practice of Groundedness: A Transformative Path to Success That Feeds--Not Crushes--Your Soul

Category: Success
Author: Brad Stulberg


by cl42   2021-10-01
Hey there -- we've all been there at various points in our lives, and it sucks... The anxiety is a negative feedback loop, too: you get anxious about not doing work, you berate yourself, and it makes the anxiety worse.

Have you tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? This workbook[1] provides people with ways to deal with anxiety and negative thoughts/feelings that lead to procrastination. While it's meant for people who have been diagnosed with a personality disorder, you can use the exercises regardless.

If you're not comfortable going that far, then "The Practice of Groundedness"[2] is another good book you can read... It discusses habit formation and the need for you to replace your 'bad' habits with new actions... For example, when you notice yourself typing "" or something into your browser, force yourself to stop, close the browser, and breath for 5 seconds. You can still revisit the site afterwards, but the awareness of what you're doing can often lead to intentional changes without berating yourself.

Remember that finding what works for you is a journey and what you need to do is be consistent... A few things people recommend won't work, but then you'll stumble upon the one that does and you'll feel better... You'll still relapse every once in a while, but just forgive yourself and move on. Don't punish yourself.