The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It

Author: Kelly McGonigal
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by Capolan   2017-08-19

enhance your willpower - it's a practice, you can change it and it will be huge to getting things done all your life.

start here:

by fuck_gawker   2017-08-19

If I may, maybe go by a bookstore and browse through this:

Strike that. Don't browse, go right to Chapter Five, "The Brain's Big Lie: Why We Mistake Wanting For Happiness" and read about the rats.

I'm on my second read of the book, taking notes and doing the exercises, and I gotta tell you the truth, by chapter five I am feeling liberated from this addiction.

Just a suggestion. Until after you at least take a look at the book, don't get rid of the collection, but also don't add to it. And here's something to trigger your reward system to motivate you to read that chapter: The author looks pretty good in yoga pants herself.

Be well my friend.

by pshendry   2017-08-19

Well I'm no expert, I mean I still have trouble with my game-playing and my nail-tearing and my distractions (typing this at work, the irony), so by all means do what works for you :). Distancing yourself from the game (by vowing not to play today, by uninstalling it, by unsubbing from /r/factorio, etc) is a totally fine strategy. To me though, the end goal is only indirectly to limit how many games I play; it's more about feeling control over how I play, so I can choose whether I play for 4 hours, or 30 minutes, or not at all, based on whatever else is going on in my life. That way if I hit some stressful or unhappy times or something I'm not gonna cave and fall back into bad habits.

The Willpower Instinct is a fantastic book on habit-breaking in general; I'd recommend taking a read!