Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

Author: Marc Weissbluth MD, Paul Mantell
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by CrispyBrisket   2018-02-16

My advice. Don't care what SO thinks and sleep train that baby TONIGHT. This is the thing you can control right now so do it, right now.

I like Weissbluth Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child A LOT (pm me - I will totally buy you the kindle version so you can start reading it NOW). Your baby is capable of sleeping through the night and will be happier for it. You have to be tough. I used a timer and let her cry for at least 5 minutes increasing the amount of time each successive time. I soothed her until she was totally calm and then put her back and started the timer again. It took a few nights and it was exhausting. and now she sleeps. A great thing about Weissbluth is that he has age based strategies and he's very reassuring. I also LOVE that man. I think I used to post about wanting to hug him if I ever met him because I was THAT grateful for him.

Once baby is sleep trained, you need to get marriage counseling or get out. I have a husband who doesn't help because he works 100+ hours a week and can be kind of an insensitive jerk (because he's always sleep deprived) and oh honey. At his worst he wouldn't dream of yelling at me for baby's behavior. And since I rarely meet people whose SO's work similar hours I assume your SO probably getting way more sleep and downtime and is just managing to be an ass because he naturally is one or he's got some other issue that needs addressing. Either way, you do not want to raise your child to see that as a model for their relationships.

by NathanOhio   2018-02-16

I have a six week old and we've had pretty good luck with swaddling and then rocking him to sleep or putting him in the stroller and walking him around to sleep, then putting him into a baby swing to sleep.

Also we've been following the tips in this book.

Edit: last night he set a new record, slept 8 hrs straight!