Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming (ACM Press)

Category: Programming
Author: Clemens Szyperski
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by pjmlp   2020-10-04
Start here,

"Object-oriented programming: Some history, and challenges for the next fifty years"

"Applying Traits to the Smalltalk Collection Classes"

"Self – The Power of Simplicity"

How about this for starters?

by pjmlp   2020-09-06
Neither => Component Based Programming,

"Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming"

by chadcmulligan   2019-12-23
This was the book that defined components At the time components were going to be the next level above objects - they were the black box that contained a lot of objects and provided a nice programmer interface. Unfortunately the ideas seem to have disappeared, Delphi is an even better example of a component model than VB was imho.
by pjmlp   2019-07-12
Which is ironic, given that people tend to forget that it was C++ which made OOP mainstream, there wasn't any Java or C# back then, two fully OOP based languages.

The other part is that component oriented programming is actually a branch of OOP, from CS point of view, with books published on the subject at the beginning of the century.

"Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming"

First edition uses Component Pascal, Java and C++, with the 2nd edition replacing Component Pascal for C#.