PandaLeaks: The Dark Side of the WWF

Category: Nature & Ecology
Author: Dirk Osmers
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by jdietrich   2019-07-12
It's a war between economically and economically motivated people.

The majority of critically endangered species are amphibians. Around 30% of all amphibians are classified as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable by the IUCN. Why have you never heard this fact before? Because practically no-one actually gives a shit about conservation.

The major conservation charities are a boondoggle. Their work often has little or no basis in science, their priorities are completely disconnected with protecting biodiversity, they often work to "save" species that are under no real threat and their efforts to protect charismatic megafauna are often detrimental to broader conservation issues.

As highlighted by this article, the impact of their activities on native peoples ranges from "highly disruptive" to "grievous and persistent abuses of human rights". In many places, the activities of conservation charities resembles the British Raj; vast numbers of people are uprooted from their homes and displaced to make room for wildlife reserves, despite those people often playing a vital role in protecting the ecosystem they inhabit.