The Transparency Sale: How Unexpected Honesty and Understanding the Buying Brain Can Transform Your Results

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Author: Todd Caponi
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by ptrott2017   2019-05-28
Doesnt have to be magical. Assuming for enterprise or B2B sales:

Determine who your target customers are by industry/sector ie who is your product for.

Determine who are the top 1000 companies / orgs in that sector (Linked in/ NAIC codes, SIC codes).

If you have a budget you can buy lead lists from SIC, of you dont have, plan for about 2 man weeks to put together a good starter list of companies and prospective contacts.

Once you have your list of companies - id who your prospective user is by role. e.g. who will use your product? What is a likely job title / role? Use linkedin to find folks in that role or with that Job title? work out your value propositiion for your product. Boil it down to 2/ 3 lines.

With a short subset of your initial prospect list. Either cold call / email / linkedin message your targets with your value prop and work out from there: - which contact method works (e.g. email / phone / linkedin) - who the buyer is - does your user have purchase power - great you know who to sell to. - What is their pricing sensitivity? - IF they dont have purchase power who does -either ask (best) or assume next person in the chain - who do they report to. again identify role/ title and try them.

As you do this your looking to learn how to contact your prospect; who will use your product? Who will buy your product? What is the purchase process? What is the price point?

Based on your learning and each iteration of testing your sales hypothesis– refine your target prospect role/title, refine your value prop, your sales point, your sales process (to match their purchase process e.g. is it simply they buy with credit card from your website or does it go through an enterprise buyer… )

Now go back to your full company list and iterate through using linkedin and search engine to find folks who match your target role / prospect and enter these into your prospect list.

You now have a starting sales list. Contact them, qualify and try to make sales.

If you need further reading see any of the books on this list:

Good luck.