Badass: Making Users Awesome

Category: Marketing & Sales
Author: Kathy Sierra
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by oxplot   2021-11-11
On a related topic, I found the Badass users book to be very insightful and practical:
by taphangum   2021-01-21
I don't know any courses personally. But highly recommend the book Badass by Kathy Sierra[1]. It won't necessarily tell you everything you need to know about product management. But it will tell you what you need to about really creating good product. Which is the core of the product management skill set.

Everything else that you build into the skill set will be built around this. So definitely worth starting with.

[1] - Kathy Sierra "Badass"

by conceptpad   2018-11-10
Agreed, this seems to be written as marketing first, education second. Good content marketing puts the priority on learning first. If the Bit folks are reading this and interested in improving, I suggest reading Kathy Sierra's book and watching her talks.

by laurex   2017-08-19
This article doesn't mention Kathy Sierra, but as someone who has worked on User Onboard with Samuel, I know he'd want to give her some of the credit.