The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club

Category: Music
Author: Peter Hook


by dwyerm   2018-01-07
I would add a recommendation for Peter Hook's book, "How Not To Run A Club" as a cautionary tale. In it, he's talking about how to run a dance club, but the things he mentioned impacting his club were the same as those that I saw impacting my local hacker space. The biggest one is the cash-flow. People open a club because they want to be with their friends, and friends get friend-prices. Before you know it, everybody's your friend and nobody's paying for anything.

My club had fees for things like project storage and certain consumables, but they were terrible at collecting these fees. ja27's recommendation to outsource that billing to Paypal or Stripe is a very good idea, in my opinion. Certainly the "totalitarian treasurer" in the presentation seems like a hard requirement in my mind.