June, 2004

Author: Laurence W. Britt
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About This Book

More and more Americans are questioning the news media, so much so that news programs, such as The NBC Nightly News, have been prompted to turn the cameras on themselves. If the trend of news coverage for entertainment continues what will America be like in the future?

June, 2004 is new thriller based on today's headlines. John T. Retlin is America's new President, and he possesses unprecedented charisma and media appeal. So he is able to exert such influence over the TV news media and its corporate ownership that most Americans don't even notice our democracy slipping away.

The author explores the most troubling issues on Americans minds. Among them are increased voter apathy, a deteriorating political culture, the American obsession with and worship of celebrities, and the media's powerful influence in shaping public opinion.


by TheMazzMan   2017-08-19

Who is a book author and not a historian. It was made in 2003 to promote his book June, 2004 about a dystopian US future.

by adimwit   2017-08-19

His real name is Laurence W. Britt. He's not a doctor.

Here's his novel.


by TheMazzMan   2017-08-19

This has been long debunked.

Lawrence Britt wrote this in 2003 to promote a book called "June, 2004 " which was supposed to be a dystopian future of a fascistic United states.

Its supposed to describe the Republican Party to the T, but doesn't really describe fascism. For example "disdain for intellectuals and the arts" is not really indicative of any fascist governments that I know of, many were non-religious etc.