Be Prepared

Category: Humor
Author: Gary Greenberg, Jeannie Hayden
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by Maybeyesmaybeno   2019-07-21

I know I'm late to the party, but congratulations. I only ever give two pieces of advice:

1) There's one good book oriented towards men - Be Prepared

2) Don't take anyone's advice. For the most part absolutely no one knows what the hell they're doing.

by P1ggy   2019-07-21

New dad to a 1 year old here.

  • Be prepared to support your wife through emotional times.
  • I recommend this book which I found funny yet pretty informative.
  • Start working out with a kettle ball of at least 15-20 lbs doing lifts similar to picking up a baby. Strengthen that lower back. You will repeatedly pick up the baby a lot.
  • Look into and take your paternity leave. Too many guys skip out on this. But it does two things. Gives you bonding time, and saves you money. Daycare is expensive.
  • Look into daycare costs so you are prepared.
  • Look into local mothers clubs. They usually let in dads. Those groups give away a ton of free gear. They also connect your wife with other women going through the exact same thing. They will have answers you cannot give.
  • Do not tell friends or family until after the first trimester. Miscarriages happen more often than expected early on. Having to explain this to friends or family is not something you want to do.
by show_time_synergy   2019-07-21

Be Prepared

It's like someone wrote an actual manual for babies. Best practical advice I found (and I'm the mom.) The book is geared towards dads but the advice is mostly for both parents.

Also an hilarious read - they included a chapter called Bidding Farewell to the Breast

by facebookgivesmeangst   2019-07-21

Best advice is buying and reading this book. BE PREPARED, is a quick read with practical advice like How to baby proof a hotel room in 5 min, what to pack in a Guy diaper bag. Be Prepared book

by limeyskook   2019-07-21

This was my favorite “dad” book — funny, but surprisingly practical.

Make reading to your child part of bedtime routine. For my two, it played a big role in making books and reading a natural part of their environment later on, and the dividends of that pay off in school. Ditto for taking them to the library. Even when it seems silly reading to an infant, it’s a great way for them to hear your voice. And you can literally read them anything — newspaper, Reddit!

Spending time alone with a baby can get boring, so don’t be afraid to leave the house with them. I was a part-time stay at home dad for a few months, and I don’t know what I would have done if I never left the house with my son!