Threaded Interpretive Languages: Their Design and Implementation

Author: R. G. Loeliger
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by zabzonk   2021-04-06
One of my very favourite programming books. Using it, together with "Threaded Interpretive Languages" I wrote a couple of Forth implementations in Z80 assembler back in the 1980s, and a Forth-like language for an Adventure writing system I created when I was first learning C++.
by robomartin   2019-08-12
Threaded Interpretive Languages: Their Design and Implementation

by todd8   2019-01-15
My experience with FORTH was similar, although you've put into words the problems I found with FORTH better than I could.

The original article is by Leo Brodie. I bought his book Starting FORTH (which is now available online[1]) shortly after reading a 1980 Byte Magazine article on FORTH.

It's not hard to implement FORTH. I found that R. G. Loeliger's book[2] Threaded Interpretive Languages: Their Design and Implementation allowed me to easily build my own FORTH inspired system.


by tzs   2018-01-07
You might find R. G. Loeliger's book "Threaded Interpretive Languages: Their Design and Implementation" [1] interesting. Here's a review [2]. The comments on that review list some online resources that might also be useful.

It's long out of print, but used copies are cheap, and scans are readily findable on the net.

I wrote a comment a while back outlining how to do a FORTH-like language from scratch by starting with a simple calculator and expanding it, writing in C with optional assembly optimizations. This was aimed at people who have less knowledge of FORTH-like systems than you do, I think, but if you are curious here it is [3].