The Bicycle Wheel 3rd Edition

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Author: Jobst Brandt
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by mauvehaus   2018-09-16
In short: yes.

Slightly longer version: Find a good bike shop to do it for you. The wheels on a bicycle are about the only truly challenging thing to work on (short of suspension components or the headset bearings that are pressed into the frame), and about the only things that you can irretrievably screw up. A shop that builds more than a couple wheels a year will probably do a better job than the average bike shop.

If you're curious about what building a wheel involves, a good resource is The Bicycle Wheel, by Jobst Brandt [0]. Mind you he still that the bottom spokes of a wheel are in compression (which is demonstrably false; see Mavic's linear pull spokes, which literally cannot be in compression or the wheel would fall apart). Sheldon Brown's website is useful too.