Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon

Category: Military
Author: Kim Zetter
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by ciarannolan   2020-05-17
I thought Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon was a fantastic chronicle of Stuxnet.

For those not interested in the whole narrative, it's still interesting to browse one or two chapters of interest.

by J_n_CA   2019-07-21

I do agree they could and have tampered with shipping on things in the past (Countdown to Zero Day ); however, for the NSA (as an example) to target ordinary citizens seems a bit out of focus for what the NSA would want to use resources on. I'm not saying they would not (please excuse the double negative), it seems like a lot of effort for next to zero gain. They would want to target individuals of high interest for sure and have shown in the past to be very specific on how they target them. Again the above mentioned book details how specific the Stuxnet virus was to avoid it from activating on every logic controller or found. I feel the same would be true for certain agency's to target select individuals not an entire group.
Also, if this bothers you then how can you trust VPN encryption at this point? Who can say they have or have not broken that? How can you trust they haven't broken HTTPS encryption? We can "what if" this to death.
For myself, I'm really looking forward to this phone for the lack of a company tracking me. No more Google listening to everything I say within ear shot of my phone. No more Google tracking everywhere I've been all day Watch this.

The NSA cares about national security, you downloading that new album of MP3s with Bit torrent is a matter for other agencies. Why waste the resources?

by hkline76   2019-07-21

Just finished a book on stuxnet and I find it absolutely fascinating. Haven't watched the documentary yet, but if anyone is looking for more information, check out this book. It's written so anyone can understand it without any prior knowledge of computer viruses or nuclear power. I can't recommend it enough.

by jameskilton   2018-11-04
I highly recommend reading the book "Countdown to Zero Day". Stuxnet was incredibly sophisticated and explicitly targeted at Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities.