The Bible 2

Author: Z.M.Thomas
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by Eos_Schwar   2019-08-24

It's on amazon.

by Random_Deslime   2019-08-24

"When He's not giving mass, He's kicking ass! Jesus Christ is back, and He's not Cruci-Fkin' around in a sequel two thousand years in the making! The Bible 2 picks up nearly a thousand years after the death of Christ. Having gone into exile after His resurrection, Jesus returns to cast the first stone when a conspiracy of Biblical proportions is revealed. It's time to put the "Syn" back into Synagogue."

by Explosive_Rift   2019-08-24

It’s real:

by AlanDavison   2019-07-21

Oh, there was.

There was.

by Shotgun_Mosquito   2019-07-21

The Bible 2

I wouldn't consider to be a crappy off brand tbh

by Sysmec   2019-07-21

It’s real alright but sadly it appears to be unavailable.