Behold!!! the Protong

Author: Glenn Bray
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by mmjaa   2018-10-21
I love it - as a fan of the crackpot Szukalski, seeing real science making similar conclusions to his, just tickles my pickle.

For those who don't know, Szukalski saw these patterns and similarities in ancient art, decades ago - and from this observation, formulated the theory that there was a common language in the civilisations that sprouted up before 'ancient history' - i.e. a pre-history civilisation, lost in a cataclysm, spread its survivors around the globe - who then coded their common language ("Protong!") into cave art and so on.

I really have to wonder if any of the serious researchers have read the book "Behold! The Protong!" by Szukalski, which recounts his investigation into this topic. It'd be somewhat unique - and terrifying (coz: Zermatism) - to hear that Szukalski was really onto something, all those decades ago ..