The Stranger Beside Me

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Author: Ann Rule
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by Bernard_Federko24   2018-11-10

Here's some recommendations for everyone:

James Ellroy's L.A. Quartet series and Underworld USA trilogy. Gritty, intense historical fiction based in LA in the 50s-60s and then Underworld USA is 60s-70s based all over the world but deals with JFK assasination, Vietnam, the mob in vegas and a ton of other shit. Really good stuff if you're into any of that stuff.

Another one I've been reading is The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule about Ted Bundy and the author's relationship with him before and after the killings. Really good read. Also Green River, Running Red about the Green River Killer is great too if you're interested in true crime/serial killers. And Mindhunter which they based the Netflix show off of is also a good read if you're into all this shit like I am.

Love having this thread here tho.

by hostabunch   2018-11-10

Malignant narcissistic sociopaths have no conscience even for those who love them and they are masters of lying and manipulation. Moonves is a predator no matter how you slice it.

If Chen has any conscience herself, she'll be seeing a top notch lawyer soon and make him pay for it. Any woman should.

If you've never read Ann Rule's book about Bundy and how she worked alongside him, you should:

by sgtcolostomy   2018-11-10

Excellent, thank you. I highly recommend The Stranger Beside Me , by Ann Rule, if you haven't read it already.