Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

Author: David Goggins
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by petitephoenix105   2019-11-17

I recommend reading [David Goggin's Can't Hurt Me])( if you want get motivated or stay motivated for weight los.


It it he talks about how he went from 300lbs to 180lbs in around a month to qualify for seal training camp.


Very admirable that he has such amazing willpower, however, I wouldn't be able to do it. Reading his book was inspirational for me to take up jogging. So there is that.

by BigFatTomato   2019-11-17

I'd read this (or even better the audio book version)

by cocktailbun   2019-11-17

Read this book.

by redneb94   2019-07-21

I'd suggest adult education courses and work towards your highschool diploma.

Also just finished reading this book... Might give you some motivation

by pollodustino   2019-07-21

I must be insane, because I just finished Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins and when he was talking about running all those ultra-marathons I was thinking, I want to try that.

And I don't really care for running.

by ricvelocity   2018-12-29

Follow these steps:

1 - Get outside and exercise. (it's free, simple and has immediate and long term effects)

2 - Get out of your context, travel to a new town or a new country for a few days.

3 - Read or listen to this (the audiobook free for a new account):

Talk to people that care about you, if that is difficult to find, then get out and go meetups and make new friends

-- Optional -- Download and listen to:

Get the Edge by Tony Robbins

Personal Power by Tony Robbins

There is always a way, never give up on being happy. It will get better.