The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Author: Michelle Alexander
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by DesertCoot   2018-02-16

Oh got it. They shouldn't speak because their opinions are "wrong" according to you, plus you apparently don't even understand their positions. You think anyone is saying "the white man" is the problem? The problem is systemic racism which is way bigger and harder to tear down than personal racism. You talk about only wanting to hear from experts, look up some research on the factor race plays in every aspect of the criminal justice system and it is pretty clear. I'd recommend the book "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander as a starting point. That book opened my eyes to racism exists way beyond individuals.

I think it is misguided (and insulting) to suggest they don't care about the issues and are just using it as a marketing ploy, especially as it seems to benefit one more to stay out of politics as an entertainer or athlete. As to celebrities mostly being left leaning, what about most coal miners being right leaning? There is nothing mathematically impossible (nor improbable) about people who share similar financial and social conditions being aligned politically.

by fluffyjdawg   2018-02-16

This is simply not true. You should read The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

by tonyjaa   2018-02-16

This isn't a fucking game where after I "get" to play the race card you then get to say something ignorant, lazy and wrong. Race is a serious deadly issue that requires deep empathy and knowledge. Things you lack. You think that comment makes you look good because you whitewashed history and appealed to classic liberal values? You look like a cocksure child in University. Ignorant to the depths of your own ignorance.

Read a book

by doodcool612   2017-08-19

That's just not true.

There is empirical evidence of racism under the law with regard to prosecution and sentencing. The War on Drugs has created a parallel legal universe for black Americans, including legal employment discrimination. A disproportionate amount of blacks serve life sentences for first time drug charges, something virtually unheard of anywhere else in the world. By selectively enforcing draconian laws in black areas, we have legally denied black people their basic rights including the right to vote and to serve on a jury, we've forced them to work for under minimum wage for private corporations, and denied them basic social services like education and public benefits.

Here's an excellent, well-sourced book on the issue. I can't recommend it enough if you truly care about the issues facing black Americans today.

It's tempting to say the problem is over in America. But the people who study this for a living are telling us that the empirical evidence says otherwise.

I also want to point out that our current President famously wrote in a newspaper that innocent black teens should get the death penalty for a crime they did not commit after they were exonerated.

by Dinosquid   2017-08-19

I agree.

I was referring to the book The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander which makes just that case.

A great read, one of most eye-opening books I've ever read.

by rabidfurby   2017-08-19

To start off with, assume the people you disagree with hold their beliefs in good faith, just like you do. That means drop the pejoratives like "social justice warrior". It serves as virtue signalling to people who already agree with you while at the same time indicating a closed mind and unwillingness to be persuaded to people who disagree with you.

(this is the same advice I would give to one of my liberal friends if they asked "what should I read if I want to understand what all those racist sexist neo-Nazi Trumpets think?")

I'd recommend Black Like Me , The New Jim Crow , Between the World & Me , and The History of White People to understand where most progressives are coming from when it comes to issues of race. We Should All Be Feminists , The End of Men , and Bad Feminist are good starting points for understanding modern feminism.

by iankurtisjackson   2017-08-19

You should probably read the New Jim Crow and educate yourself, buddy. You know, real scholarly work, instead of a random reddit post.

edit: more currently,

I'm pretty sure I'm more educated on this than you are.

by bellevuefineart   2017-08-19

If you have any doubt at all the we need to end the war on drugs completely, please read "The New Jim Crow". The lives we continue to devastate every year is heartbreaking.

by plusroyaliste   2017-08-19

Yes, really .

The truth is there's simply no way to separate American law enforcement from its historical purpose of suppressing minorities and the poor .

Richard Nixon outright said, on tape, that the government needed to come up with a way to single out blacks without appearing racist and that the way was a war on drugs.