Mastering Technical Mathematics, Third Edition

Author: Stan Gibilisco, Norman H. Crowhurst


by ll350   2018-03-14
I almost lol'ed when I read this, but I think I have good suggestion for you. "Maths - A Student Survival Guide" by Jenny Olive: She basically starts out with the simplest algebra (fractions) and gradually works up to topics in 1st semester Calculus. And she starts each chapter with a short quiz to test yourself and skip ahead if already know the material. This book is great for what you are describing, if I'm understanding you. I picked it up when I was preparing to return to college after being away for many years. I supplemented it with another book I highly recommend: "Mastering Technical Mathematics" by Stan Gibilisco and Norman Crowhurst:

I found that Jenny Olive's book was well designed and preferred it's style to any math textbook I have ever used. Even so occasionally I would get bored while working thru it. That is when I flip thru the Stan Gibilisco's book, which was full of interesting looking problems and examples. When I would try to solve one of them, it would become apparent that I still need to work on the fundamental concepts that were prerequisites for solving the problem. Thus I would return to Jenny Olive's book right where I left off, re-energized by the desire to master those fundamentals that she covers so well.