The Agnostic's Guide to Spiritual Growth... and Shit

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Author: Dr. Onslow D. Pennypacker XIII
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by chuckrates   2018-11-10

I have wrestled with this myself. Right now I work full time at an agency and I see clients in a small private practice on the side.

The most helpful thing for getting clients is having connections in the field. I'm glad that I took an agency job out of school so I could learn with the support of experienced people around me and develop those relationships that will feed my case load once I transition to private practice full time. This also provides an income while you are getting credentialed with insurance companies, which can take a while (it's not necessary, but clients tend to look for providers who are in network).

Hope this helps.

--Chuck McKay, LCPC

Author, The Agnostic's Guide to Spiritual Growth... and Shit

by chuckrates   2018-11-10

I hope you will consider this book I just published:

If you ever wanted to know what spirituality is all about but didn't want to risk boredom, The Agnostic's Guide to Spiritual growth... and Shit is for you. This authentic, comprehensive, and accessible guide explains the Meaning of Life, dismantles the hang-ups that blockade us from true fulfillment, unlocks the mysteries of healthy relationships, and - most importantly - makes you laugh so hard you will fall off the toilet in a puddle of your own mirth-spewn spittle.

If you or someone you love seems spiritually bankrupt, depressed, lost, or - worst of all - interested in philosophy, this book is guaranteed to give them something to look at for a while until they return to video games or substance abuse.

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by chuckrates   2018-11-10

Here is a book that talks about the spiritual aspects of recovery through humor. It's a quick read.