Engineering a Compiler, Second Edition

Author: Keith Daniel Cooper, Linda Torczon
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Engineering a Compiler, Second Edition


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by brettlangdon   2017-08-20
Given how much of a novice I still am in the subject, might want to take my suggestions with a grain of salt compared to others.

I have always really enjoyed just reading the source code for programming languages. As I learn more and more, I seem to take away a bit more each time.

Personally I've enjoyed reading through the source code for Go, since it is hand written in Go. Being hand written, it can be a little repetition reading through it, but I find it to be pretty easier to read/understand.

Enjoy :)

by playing_colours   2017-08-20
I found this book on compilers to be rather up-to-date, clear and useful when you start going into the topic:
by techjuice   2017-08-19
The following that I have on my bookshelf have helped:

Compilers Second Edition [0]

Engineering a Compiler, Second Edition [1]

Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective (3rd Edition) [2]

[0] [1] [2]

by joe_loser   2017-08-19
The book "Engineering a Compiler" ( is a good resource and reference; I keep it on my desk at work. Like other compiler books, it falls short in meeting all practical application purposes and does great with theory. Ideally, this book should be combined with looking at modern compiler implementations.