Engineering a Compiler, Second Edition

Category: Programming
Author: Keith Daniel Cooper, Linda Torczon
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by acqq   2019-06-07
It also appeared interesting to me, but then I discovered that I already have a nice book from the Rice compiler people:

And the example of the paper with literate code:

Still it would be nice if somebody decides to get and also make available the papers or code for which the links are now dead, e.g. those linked from here:

by brettlangdon   2017-08-20
Given how much of a novice I still am in the subject, might want to take my suggestions with a grain of salt compared to others.

I have always really enjoyed just reading the source code for programming languages. As I learn more and more, I seem to take away a bit more each time.

Personally I've enjoyed reading through the source code for Go, since it is hand written in Go. Being hand written, it can be a little repetition reading through it, but I find it to be pretty easier to read/understand.

Enjoy :)

by playing_colours   2017-08-20
I found this book on compilers to be rather up-to-date, clear and useful when you start going into the topic:
by techjuice   2017-08-19
The following that I have on my bookshelf have helped:

Compilers Second Edition [0]

Engineering a Compiler, Second Edition [1]

Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective (3rd Edition) [2]

[0] [1] [2]