Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign

Author: Jonathan Allen, Amie Parnes
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by Zenmachine83   2017-12-06

That was a talking point constructed when HRC's campaign began to realize how much damage the bank speeches issue was doing to their candidate. If you read Shattered you will learn that HRC was warned by numerous people in her inner circle not to give the speeches if she planned to run in 2016. She just chose to not heed their warnings. It was all about optics. Do I think it was an issue that should actually be the center of a primary? No. But the story is emblematic of how HRC approaches the world and decision making. She made a decision against the counsel of her advisers then blamed them when they couldn't contain the fallout from the decision. It did not show good judgement.

Then to turn around and whine about Sanders "impugning" her character when she attempted to mischaracterize his relationship with Obama and a number of votes he made as a senator is pretty rich. Hell, she shit on Sanders' eminently sensible paid leave plan by complaining that is was funded through payroll taxes and was a "tax on the middle class" when in fact this plan would have been of huge benefit to working people. The Clintons have never shied away from hardball politics, so it is interesting to see her whine about it in this new book.

by MeatMeintheMeatus   2017-12-06

by Zenmachine83   2017-12-06

>And his endorsement speech was not nearly as full-throated as previous candidates. Stuff like that matters. Sanders misled his supporters for 36 days into thinking he was contesting the convention. That foments division, which was and continues to be a huge problem.

One, Sanders offered to campaign for HRC in rust belt states and was denied. You know, those three states that cost us the electoral college. Two, Sanders campaign staff worked hand in hand with HRC staff to quell the revolt at the convention which could have been far worse than it was. Three, the Sanders camp took down ads that the Clinton campaign thought were too damaging in certain states. Seriously read Shattered and you will get a pretty good feel for the relationship between the two campaigns. Hillary took Sanders campaign personally and therefore wasn't able to put her anger aside and team to campaign in any meaningful way. That and the decision to completely give up on grassroots organizing were huge blows to her campaign in MI, PA, and WI.