The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality

Author: Justin R. Cannon
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by jimmybob479   2019-07-21

Background: I knew I was gay since around 5 years old, at 13 actively tried becoming straight through the ex gay movement and it accelerated into college (prayer, counseling, courses, books). I never ran into a gay Christian that expressed to me I could be interpreting the verses wrong until I started reading other gay Christian authors and the book that really changed my view was a short book going over the clobber passages. Someone else mentioned a book called unclobber which I need to read but this is the one that taught me. The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality

Happily a gay Christian now :)

by jimmybob479   2019-07-21

I need to check this one out! My favorite similar book that actually brought me from gay-is-sin side to accepting it is by Justin cannon The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality