Go the F**k to Sleep

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Author: Adam Mansbach
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by missdewey   2019-11-17

This is my husband’s first Father’s Day! His birthday was this past weekend so that makes it a little crazy. I got him a bunch of Arsenal stuff (his favorite team), including a little jersey and shorts for our daughter to wear when they watch soccer together. He’s also getting a mug (tried to link but apparently it’s gone from Amazon, it says “You are the luckiest dad in the world. I would love to have me as a daughter.”), this book and the sequel, and a framed picture of our baby to add to the collection on his office desk. I’m probably going to run out and get him a gift card for TopGolf as well. He got a hammock and some assorted small presents for his birthday so I feel like I’m doing pretty good on gifts for him.

by NickFromIRL   2019-11-17