The Story of Life

Category: Comic Strips
Author: Chris (Simpsons Artist)
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by medicinefeline   2021-12-10

Once again this is from a joke book the same book has baby's growing in a women's legs herenus the Amazon link to the book van we please stop posting pictures from it

by BasedGodBrody   2021-12-10

by i_want_die_plz   2021-12-10

I have a link to the Amazon page

by mrbeck1   2019-11-17

Try this.

Or this.

by _carpet_wizard_   2019-11-17

The Story of Life by Chris (Simpsons Artist)

by coryinthedank   2019-11-17

by gentlegiraffe1988   2019-11-17

by kingonef   2019-11-17

Credit to the artist

by LG404   2019-08-24

The Story of Life

by compumaster   2019-08-24

I checked just now. Definitely him and this book.

by DovahKing   2019-08-24

The Story of Life

by Pondinq   2019-07-21

No idea :(


EDIT: I found it, it is called "The Story of Life" by Chris (Simpsons Artist). (UK Link)

by Daddy__Boi   2019-07-21

Someone below me replied with the link, not sure if you get notified by it or not. It’s
And congratulations to your niece!

by WarmWetWilly   2019-07-21

For anyone wondering the book is called The Story of Life by Chris (Simpsons artist)

by Blue_Fox43   2019-07-21


by R-A-W-25   2019-07-21

Not sure. Found this pic today after the new Jojo's episode and thought, "hmm...."

After Google image search, apparently the book is by Chris (Simpsons Artist). The artist has a book called The Story of Life available for pre-order on Amazon. Still not 100% sure, but I think it's safe to assume that this page in is that book (if not, another book of theirs). Every other page I've seen has been similarly bonkers.

by Coneyfriend   2019-07-21

Source :D