American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America

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Author: Chris Hedges
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by StephenSchleis   2019-01-13

No actually, it’s a documented fact that the American Christian Right are American fascists, here is the evidence if you want to refute actual documented evidence:

by M0RIENS   2019-01-13

I highly recommend this great book by Rev. Chris Hedges.

by pihkaltih   2019-01-13

> But Muslims represent only 2% of our country so I am opposed to the specific attention that one group gets, when I personally feel more harmful effect from much larger groups that resist negative attention.

I agree, I despise Islam as an ideology, but I think American Evangelicals are actually a bigger threat to the world. Evangelicals are a fucking deathcult that basically currently controls the worlds most powerful nuclear arsenal, the worlds largest economy and military. I also believe that the American Evangelical movement is largely a Fascist movement that cloaks itself under theism. . If it wasn't for Evangelicals as well, we likely would not be Iraq or Afghanistan today or at all.

That being said, It still drives me up the wall the amount of handwringing leftists do to defend Islam and the absolute eggshells you have to walk on when discussing Islam in leftists spaces.

>Is it just a knee jerk reaction to the right?

Part third worldist orientalism, part reaction to the fact that you rarely hear criticisms of Islam done in good faith because it's mostly just right wing dogwhistles.