Over The Edge: Death in Grand Canyon, Newly Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition

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Author: Kim Besom & Bronze Black
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by mfiasco   2019-07-21

There’s a fascinating book called Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon, and it catalogs every death that has ever happened there. It’s nuts. Not just people slipping off a cliff. Sightseeing helicopters colliding, flash floods, canyoneering, a car rolling off the edge. The ones about people taking photos are wild though. People have fallen taking photos of things far back from the ledge, and backed off the cliff. It’s a morbid read but oddly captivating.

by Someshortchick   2019-07-21

*sigh* now my copy of that book is wildly out of date. In all seriousness, be careful people.

by Ghost_of_a_Black_Cat   2019-07-21

Thank you for sending me these rabbit holes! My evening is now complete. I honestly don't know which would be worse: falling into the vast blue ocean and watching your only means of survival fading into the distance, or falling hundreds of feet onto a pile of rocks and other debris.

I actually almost mentioned the Grand Canyon but I wasn't sure if a segue like that would be relevant to the conversation at hand.

As for falling down the stairs: Now that I can believe! I slipped on my stairs last September and fell halfway down. I had a huge contusion on my right forearm, but thankfully nothing was broken there. My left foot, however, sustained three broken toes and a laceration on my great toe that required nine sutures. I thought I had degloved the tip of my toe, but I hadn't. I just bleed a lot.

The falling sensation, however, was frightening, so I can't imagine how horrible it must be to fall from an enormous height.

EDIT: Here is a link to a book on Amazon about Grand Canyon-related deaths. Looks like it might be an interesting read.