The Elements of Typographic Style

Category: Graphic Design
Author: Robert Bringhurst
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by niels_olson   2017-08-19
Edward Tufte's forum has some good discussions on type

This one is short

but see the collection of additional threads at the bottom of that thread.*

Also, Bringhurst:


*I like the "local masters" concept Tufte has (full disclosure, I helped prototype it), and Wikipedia does something similar.

by eswat   2017-08-19
I think learning about typography would be a good stepping stone to learning design in general.

Start off by reading Typography for Lawyers and iA’s post “Web Design is 95% Typography”. Both links have great advice and talk about the fundamentals of typography and type on the web.

If the last links perked your interest than I recommend picking up The Elements of Typographic style. It is a great bible on the subject at the macro level.




by sehr   2017-08-19 is pretty good provided you actually take their advice and look into the materials provided.

For example: there are 5 typography related 'modules' in the top level list.

In module 1. 'Dive into Typography', there are 6 different resources within.

From the one of those 6 resources, here are a list of materials mentioned:

* book - Inside Paragraphs: Typographic Fundamentals [0]

* book - The Elements of Typographic Style [1]

* book - Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works [2]

* post - Unicode Beginners Introduction for Dummies Made Simple [3]

I've found this to be the norm for most posts, they may not cover absolutely everything about a single topic, but they will most definitely point you to somewhere that will.

[0] -

[3] -