Linear Algebra

Author: Kunze Hoffman
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by abhgh   2020-02-24
Definitely - I went through some of his lectures after I had read up on Linear Algebra as part of a course (from [1]) and had used it in a bunch of applications, but I still found the lectures worth going through if only because his fantastic exposition helped me visualize things better.

[1]we followed Huffman-Kunze

by urmish   2018-03-14
A good way to start is learn set theory (start of with naive set theory Dover books are cheap:

Once you are comfortable with Riemann Integrals, you can start attacking Complex Variables (John Conway has excellent springer texts: Functions of One Complex Variable Vol 1 and 2)

Some texts you should look at after you understand basic set theory:


1. [Michael_Spivak]_Calculus - good book for introduction to real analysis

2. [johnsonbaugh,pfaffenberger]_Foundations_of_Mathematical_Analysis - Dover publications

3. [Vladimir_A._Zorich]_Mathematical_Analysis_I - well written but less known. Recommend checking it out.

4. [Gerald_B._Folland]_Real_Analysis_Modern_techniques_and_their_applications - My top pick, but a tough read.

5. [Rudin_Walter]_Principles_of_Mathematical_Analysis - classic book

Linear Algebra:

1. [David_Lay]_Linear_Algebra_and_Its_Applications -

2. [Friedberg,Insel,Spence]_Linear_algebra - Undergraduate level text

3. [Hoffman,Kunze]_Linear_Algebra_2nd_edition - Graduate level text. My top pick.

4. [Gilbert_Strang]_Introduction_to_Linear_Algebra - Undergraduate level linear algebra. Same guy has MIT OCW lectures.

5. [Peter_D._Lax]_Linear_Algebra_and_Its_Applications

Complex Variables/Complex Analysis:

1. [John_Conway]_Functions_of_One_Complex_Variable_I - My top pick

2. [Lars_Ahlfors]_Complex_Analysis_(Third_Edition) - Classic. Not a big fan though.