Deep Learning with Python

Category: Computer Science
Author: Francois Chollet
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by rahulrav   2019-07-21
The ones I really enjoyed reading were:

by henning   2018-12-28
Would you enjoy something that gives a broad overview? Norvig's AI book should give you a very broad perspective of the entire field. There will be many course websites with lecture material and lectures to go along with it that you may find useful.

The book website - which might be more directly relevant to your interests.

There's also what I guess you would call "the deep learning book".

(People have different preferences for how they like to learn and as you can see I like learning from books.)

(I apologize if you already knew about these things.)

by mlejva   2018-12-28
Thank you for the tips.

The Deep Learning Book ( was one of my main studying materials. How would you compare the other DL book you mentioned ( against this one?