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Author: Francois Chollet
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by SupportVectorMachine   2019-08-24

I quite liked Charu Aggarwal's Neural Networks and Deep Learning: A Textbook and found it far more useful than the Goodfellow text (which still deserves credit for being the first comprehensive book on the topic). The Aggarwal text is also from Springer (I promise I don't work for them!), so the same things I mentioned earlier apply here.

On the practical side, it is hard to beat Francois Chollet's Deep Learning with Python. He is the creator of Keras, and especially if you are interested in moving to TensorFlow 2.0, learning the Keras API will prove very helpful. But the major selling point of this book is the platform-independent insights and best practices he offers. It's a really well-written and well-presented book and probably has one of the biggest payoff-to-page ratios out there.

You may find the Aggarwal book a bit repetitive in spots, but that is likely because he wrote it to allow readers to easily dip in and out of sections they need and use it as a reference. The repetition only becomes evident if you read it cover to cover (which I don't regret doing).

by Heartomics   2019-08-24

Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Online Course

Deep Learning with Python Book by Francois Chollet


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Manga Guide to Regression Analysis

by Roboserg   2019-08-24

yes and no. For beginners, I recommend and

by rahulrav   2019-07-21
The ones I really enjoyed reading were:

by henning   2018-12-28
Would you enjoy something that gives a broad overview? Norvig's AI book should give you a very broad perspective of the entire field. There will be many course websites with lecture material and lectures to go along with it that you may find useful.

The book website - which might be more directly relevant to your interests.

There's also what I guess you would call "the deep learning book".

(People have different preferences for how they like to learn and as you can see I like learning from books.)

(I apologize if you already knew about these things.)

by mlejva   2018-12-28
Thank you for the tips.

The Deep Learning Book ( was one of my main studying materials. How would you compare the other DL book you mentioned ( against this one?