Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad

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Author: James Dale Davidson, William Rees-Mogg
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by vishnoo   2021-12-10
Rees Mogg's dad wrote a book literally named blood in the streets,
it is about how to get rich in times of chaos.

by Treczoks   2021-12-10

Written by Jacob Rees Mogg's dad. Basically the "Brexit Manual".

by patodruida   2021-12-10

If you bet against the pound (like many top-tier brexiters did back in 2016) you can make massive gains. Also, if you have liquidity or access to backers with deep pockets, a country in crisis is nothing but a land of opportunity.

Check out this book written by the father of Jacob Rees-Mogg, one of the most recalcitrant leavers:

And (only tangentially related) what his sister has to say about profiting from the water crisis.

The 1% have been given plenty of time to hedge their bets. If they have to short the UK economy to make money, you can bet they will.

As for the leavers who will suffer for it but still defend the referendum to this day? Well, there is no shortage of Полезные идиоты.

by pseudonym1066   2019-08-24

> Wealthy UK investors are mostly positive on post-Brexit Britain, study finds. These are investors taking a longer view on the UK after Brexit.

There may well be some wealthy people who do well out of Brexit. Jacob Rees Mogg being one of them.

So yes you are right, some of the rich will do very well out of Brexit, that's why a lot of wealthy people such as Rees Mogg are pushing it. His father wrote a book about how it's a great time for the rich to invest when there's blood on the streets.

For the average person however, Brexit would cause economic harm, in some cases great economic harm.

All your sources state that there would be harm. None of them say otherwise. All they do is say the harm may not be as bad as the harm predicted by others. Your argument is essentially saying "Well you think I'm shooting myself in the face... but you're wrong - I'm only shooting myself in the foot".

Why desire economic harm at all?

That's a question you should be asking yourself. Have a read of this article:

>Please educate yourself on how to think critically

Take your own advice man.

For example "I posted plenty of people with economic credentials, from investors, to economists to bankers." Yes, who said there would be economic harm, just not as bad as the harm suggested by others.

I still can't see what it is you're arguing for.

You want a No Deal WTO Brexit - but then how do we deal with the Irish border? You want a return to the troubles? You're happy to damage one of our greatest achievements - peace with northern ireland?

You ask fro Brexit to be implemented but don't seem to recognise it can't be done so in any meaningful way. I heard an academic who put it in blunt terms, that there is no good Brexit.

He argued there are only two options:

  • "Fake Brexit", where we essentially remain in single market/customs union and keep allowing in immigration; have no control over international trade, which is not what people voted for.

OR :

  • "Fuck up Brexit" (No Deal/WTO Brexit) where we fuck up the country by endangering peace with northern ireland, damage our standing internationally, and damage our economy. We will probably have adequate food.

You seem to advocate for the second option, what he termed the 'fuck up' Brexit. You do so based on faulty information, and a lack of understanding of how much it will damage the country. When challenged on this you double down and throw insults. This is a weak form of argument.

>" the idea that there is NO way the Brexit referendum can be enacted is just one of your retard opinion - please don't rate yourself too highly."

I didn't say there was no way it could be implemented, I said whatever way it would be implemented would be damaging economically, and there was no democratic mandate for any Brexit option, and the different options are contradictory.

It's embarrassing honestly at the moment. The people were sold a pack of lies about a simple easy process, which some people have bought, and then when faced with the difficulties, the response is to shout insults.

And one further point:

"leave Remain off the ballot since we already had that vote. Lets implement the 2016 vote, that's democratic.".

This is the difference between you and I - I want the public to be able to express their opinion in a democratic vote. You want that vote to be suppressed. Public opinion is against Brexit. Why are you so keen to censor the voice of the public in 2019.

You know the year right? It's 2019, not 2016.

by pseudonym1066   2019-08-24

Jacob Rees Mogg is not an honest actor in this debate. He presents himself as someone honestly wanting the vote respected.


But he hides his clear financial motivations.:


- His father wrote a book called "Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad", source about how the rich can profit from a country going to the dogs.

- He is estimated to have made £7 million from the damage to the country due to Brexit source.

- He refuses to answer questions about the money he will make due to the damage to British economy due to Brexit. source

He seeks to profit financially from the damage to the UK economy due to Brexit.

Britain's loss is his financial gain, and he does not have the interest of the country at heart.

by rusk   2019-08-21
One of the key proponents of Brexit, Jacob Rees-Mogg, his father literally wrote the book on disaster capitalism [0] … funny that!


by pseudonym1066   2019-07-21

Rees mogg senior wrote this book

“Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad”

He wants to duck up the country for a quick buck

by helpnxt   2019-07-21

So Jacob Rees Mogg's farther wrote "Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad"

And here is Farage beaming at the pound drop, sorry he wasn't doing thumbs up my mistake

Added point is here is a video from bloomberg explaining how dodgy Farage and Brexit election is

The problem is it is very hard to cut through the 20+ years of anti EU propaganda the shit rags like the Mail and Sun have been pushing hard with, here's that list

by Sephirdorf   2019-07-21

This is it. Written by Jacob's dad, it goes on about how to profit from a destroyed economy.

Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad

by shaidy64   2019-07-21

Interesting that Jacob Rees-Mogg's father literally wrote the book on disaster capitalism.

by the-rood-inverse   2019-07-21

We don’t either...

But that’s because there isn’t any logic. It’s a bunch of extremists on one side followed by a bunch of ver gullible people. In the case of the latter rather than admit they were wrong they double down and move the goal posts, currently the excuse is ‘it would be good to go without for a bit’ (makes people grateful). In the case of the former they are disaster capitalism who want carnage (look at this book called ‘blood on the streets’ by Rees Moggs dad) they know they can protect their money (by moving there main source of income to Ireland In the case of Rees Mogg or by becoming a french resident like Lawson) but want our assets.

by pathanb   2019-07-21

>It's like someone playing cards who thinks the Joker is part of the game.

Fitting. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

by NeuralTactics   2019-07-21