Starting Out with Python (4th Edition)

Author: Tony Gaddis
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by philonoist   2017-10-16
I apologise with the vague description of question details. I have been to a workshop where they demonstrated both python and C. I was fortunate to have a hands on session with few programming tasks and solving problems. The conclusion I came to, is - I love programming.

As I said in other comments before, I was apprehensive if I could deal with initial frustration due to subconscious comparison of how easy life was with python. I asked myself If I would trip off; will I be able to cope up; will my brain be malleable enough or get hardened against the higher cognitive load C poses comparing to python, etc. with no good answers. Hence this question.

Every other commenter echo with your respected opinion and I appreciate your well explained suggestion. I just needed my answers through other's experiences to the above questions.

I will be "starting out with python"(amazon<dot>com/dp/0134444329).

Thank You.