Crisis of Conscience: The story of the struggle between loyalty to God and loyalty to one’s religion.

Category: Humanities
Author: Raymond Franz
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by Jennsinc   2019-07-21

Hi there. I was born & raised JW. 37 years. At 19 whilst i was disfellowshipped i married an unbeliever. Then l was reinstated 11 months later. My husband never became a believer but supported me & our 2 kids in it. We rarely were invited to gatherings & no Brothers ever reached out to my husband like is encouraged in the publications. We always felt like outsiders. I voiced to my mother over & over that something was wrong i just couldn’t put my finger on it. And then it happened. I found out why. Here is my letter i wrote my JW Family & friends.

Your gonna wanna watch this court footage. It happened in the summer of 2015

Here is the link to the only ever Governing Body member to wake up and leave

Here is his interview

Here is the actual JW history

by Break-The-Walls   2019-07-21

Crisis of Conscience

He will love this book, it's a must have for every JW.

by Tim_F   2018-11-10

Here’s the link to the UK Amazon page: