A Manual for Creating Atheists

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Author: Peter Boghossian
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by lWitnessMel   2018-11-10

This is huge even outside of Mormonism and I whole-heartedly agree. As an Atheist myself, I've found that the best argument against any sort of religion is to deconstruct the foundation the whole thing is built on - Faith.

Giving credit where credit is due for this approach - Manual for Creating Atheists

by baronvoncommentz   2018-11-10

It's open season on Christianity then. We all need to be reading up on "A Manual for Creating Atheists" and hitting the streets, hitting social media, and talking to family members. It is time for us to become evangelical and convert people out of their delusions.

Because Christians can't keep their religious beliefs in their pants and keep trying (with increasing success) to force them on the rest of us. Let's put a stop to that at the root of the problem.

EDIT: https://toptalkedbooks.com/amzn/1939578094 argues you work to convince people faith is not a reliable way to know things. That does work. They walk away from their beliefs on their own.

But we can also take a page from this (https://www.thenation.com/article/the-social-shaming-of-racists-is-working/) and socially shame Christians. I think it would do a world of good. "Oh you're Christian? You believe in pushing your beliefs on others". Which won't convert them, but it might make them realize how much they are becoming hated and hurting the way Christianity is perceived. "This is why young people leave Christianity" is bound to leave a mark.

by my_milkshake   2018-11-10

Check out this book, it may give you some concrete strategies on breaking people out of their ideological epistemologies. It is not necessarily about atheism or religion, but can be used against all ideological thinking.


by abathur   2017-09-04
For the curious, the "Street Epistemology" movement, which employs the Socratic method, was coined/outlined by Peter Boghossian in his book "A Manual for Creating Atheists" (https://www.amazon.com/Manual-Creating-Atheists-Peter-Boghos...). You can find more about it's goals and methods by searching around for street epistemology, or by reading the book. It's a relatively quick read.
by iHaveAgency   2017-08-19

Don't read the Bible, no one does that, esp. not xians.


Or read the book by the guy producing that app, *A Manual for Creating Atheists * by Peter Boghossian. He's a philosophy prof. at OSU.

by The_Cantabrigian   2017-08-19

Isn't this the guy that wrote The Manual for Creating Atheists? .

by markevens   2017-08-19

If he doesn't want to read something, don't push it on him.

Even if he does end up reading it, it won't be a proper reading, just something to please you that he begrudgingly does.

It is like reading a book that you were forced to read in school years after the fact, and you love the book on the 2nd reading but because you were forced to read it the first time you didn't engage it the way you should have. Same thing.

If you want to have a good discussion with him, you need to stop telling him things and instead start asking questions. With the right questions, he comes to his own answers instead of some kid (which you are in his eyes because he is your uncle) telling him.

This is the socratic method, and it works. If you want to learn more about applying it to atheism, check out A Manual for Creating Atheists.

by meowmixmotherfucker   2017-08-19

> she is normally the "victim" of this change.

Scare quotes. Exactly.

She's not a victim of your atheism even if she acts like it. The problem is that faith is inherently irrational and irrationality can't be dealt with logically, so when your disbelief shows it puts the ridiculous nature of her delusions in stark contrast to their illogical roots. Sadly, for both of you really, people often have a hard time seeing themselves as separate from their core ideological values, even if those "beliefs" are fundamentally at odds with the world around them.

She's not a victim and neither are you (unless you count two childhoods spent being indoctrinated into a middle-astern blood cult, but that's a different rant). Neither are you an aggressor. You could be Boghossian-ing her, though I would hope you'd be as kind about is as possible (basically, don't repeat anything I say ;)

You might consider listening to Bar Room Atheists with Bill and Susie. They went through something similar when Bill came out as an atheist and Susie was still a believer. She used to tell him "not to kick her puppy," code for "don't talk shit about Jesus" until eventually she became and atheist as well. Perhaps you're not interested in putting the time it would take to de-convert your wife, but if you intend to stay together, frankly, it seems like the only real option as, once having seen behind the curtain, returning to true faith is virtually impossible (short of head trauma I suppose).

by Dargo200   2017-08-19

I see two options here:

He's already admitted that he's unwilling to change his mind and that his faith is more important than truth. He could be telling the truth, which would mean you're wasting your time, or, it's just his mental conditioning coming out and subconsciously some of the stuff is getting through and making him uncomfortable. You need to determine which is the case.

If you want to try to get through to him then I would suggest getting this book . I would also suggest subscribing to a YouTube user called Anthony Magnabosco who puts the books techniques into practice on the street. The book focuses more on epistemology, so you won't have to teach anyone science or formal logic. The book show you how to make people cast doubt on what they think they know (when they actually don't). Once people have doubts then it's usually the beginning of the end for faith.